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Apple Introducing New Macbook Pro with SSD

Apple to Bring New Macbook Pro with SSD and Larger TrackpadApple is planning to introduce new MacBook Pro notebooks this week, Jobs, Apple co-founder and chief executive, is 56 on 24 February, and this anniversary will be celebrated with new books from Apple Mac to be released in each iStore.

The most recent evidence on the MacBook Pro rumor is that Apple has stopped selling the models of MacBook Pro laptop and has warned retailers not to break the seal on the platforms that can begin arriving as early as today. Apple also began to have its European distributors could expect the sealed pallets at its stores as early as today.

Interestingly, the source also reveals that all new MacBook Pro will come packing a solid state drive or SSD, with 8-16GB of storage space. These home SSD notebook operating system and nothing more, while a second hard drive using the typical techniques include magnetic recording to store user data. SSDs offer greater reliability and that all information is stored in microchips and no moving parts. A SSD is great for a laptop, and you may face pushed more than a traditional hard drive, which can be damaged if its magnetic strip in contact with each other. The lack of moving parts also means better performance of the SSD.

Packages of the new models are being delivered to reports, retailers and Apple stores, and that unfolded on the birthday of Steve Jobs, said reports from other media. The new connection technology is rumored to Light Peak, a high-speed technology that Intel has been working for some time. Apple is expected to adopt the technology, albeit under a different name. Intel has said that Light Peak will be sent in the first half of 2011.

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