Apple Retail Store Drops MobileMe

The single-license packages and family have gone AWOL MobileMe at Apple stores and online retail and resellers according to AppleInsider has reported that these products have been found at the end of his life for Apple. Apple’s MobileMe service is working well, but the annual $ 99 package is missing from both physical and virtual shelves in what some estimate is a prelude to the service is free.

The dealers were notified today that the commercial versions of MobileMe no longer sold in the store, and retailers are able to continue selling its current supply until exhausted. This news is both welcome and a bit on at the same time. On the surface, distribution of digital implementation is by far the most convenient way to get applications in those days. I can not remember the last time the software purchased from the store. Wait, I lied. I bought the latest iLife when we shipped it, but that was only because it was only available in the store at that time.

The service caters to a Windows PC, Mac, iPhone owners and IPAD, which is used to synchronize address books, calendars and email between devices. The service also offers 20 GB of online storage space, and the schedule of Web-based e-mail and contact applications. MobileMe, which was priced at $ 99 for a single-user membership and $ 149 for a five-user family pack has disappeared from Apple’s mail store. Search results, for example, Google now carried invalid pages in the Apple site.

This can also be a move towards a free part of MobileMe. He told us that Apple is planning to use the North Carolina Center for iTunes and MobileMe data in the spring. If the rumors are true, we could see a lot of the features of MobileMe offers for free as soon as spring 2011.

Apple certainly has big plans for his service in the cloud-based synchronization, and the company has said its new data center in large North Carolina will be iTunes related. The New York Times has said that Apple will start to group access to MobileMe with your hardware, but the same report refers to medium-sized iPhone, which has since been dismissed by many observers of Apple.