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Apple Store Down Today – Expecting New Macbook Pro

Apple Store Down Today - Hope New Macbook Pro Coming

After weeks of speculation and some apparently genuine leaks on the new MacBook Pro, which is rumored to be released today, the Apple store is currently down. The new MacBook Pro rumors have become red hot as Apple’s website now shows the usual “We’ll be back very soon,” Post-it.

Every month we have been speculating about the possibility of updating the new MacBook Pro with Intel bridge chip and technology arena Light Peak. Arena of Intel architecture of the bridge, faster memory, a slot and a ray SDXC / Mini DisplayPort, which means it is both a display port and a high rate of E / S dock.

And Apple decided to adopt a new supplier – AMD – trading cards for their high-end graphics (running in parallel with the Intel integrated GPU when heavy graphics or processing tasks-is Encountered numbers) instead of Nvidia units as before, and the 6750 is a very serious. The web camera has been upgraded to a “FaceTime HD” specification, we suspect that means 720p video capabilities (or possibly full 1020p) instead of the previous resolution VGA. But everything else, Apple has chosen to make this update to the MacBook Pro only a small step increase, avoiding radical case-sets, the adoption of SSD technology (as used in updating the MacBook Air) and changes in display technology.

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