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Windows 7 SP1 Update Download to Start Today

Windows 7 SP1 Coming Today

Microsoft has announced that Service Pack 1 for Windows 7 will be released on Tuesday the general public. Microsoft has finished work on its first major update to its Windows 7 operating system and begin sending out the update on February 22 through its Windows Update service.

Microsoft recommends that end users use Windows Update instead of downloading the Service Pack. TechNet and MSDN subscribers have access to the version of Service Pack (SP1) for Windows Server 2008 and Windows 7 since Thursday. There are a number of technical upgrades behind the scenes, the first of the two is RemoteFX, a standalone product that requires Windows Server 2008 R2 to be used. RemoteFX allows users to view high quality video and interact with 3D applications on a remote desktop session – this will change how virtual machines are used, as they have had limited ability to screen now.

The firm also recommends that users backup their PC to an external location, such as an external hard disk, optical disk or a network location. Microsoft also suggests that the device drivers to keep up before installation. Many of Calgary’s leading IT support companies have had the luxury of testing Windows 7 SP1 through its membership in the Microsoft Partner Program. In what many have noted, no change in the user interface, no real performance increases and there is other interesting things to talk about.

The second feature is an update for HyperV in Windows Server 2008 R2 called dynamic memory. ” The function is as simple as it seems – that dynamically allocates memory for virtual machines as needed and is able to eliminate the memory of virtual machines when others need more resources. You can read more about the new features in Windows Server team blog.

To install the update of your current PC to Windows 7 will generally have at least half an hour (not including download time), and probably more on older hardware (think of a single core processors) and netbooks. Not always needed, but you definitely want to have a book or something useful. A clean install of a DVD will have almost exactly the same amount of time as a clean install of RTM – Dell Latitude E6410 in my mid-range, the non-interactive installation of Windows 7 SP1 took 16 minutes and 11 seconds to run, and in the same notebook RTM installation took 15 minutes and 58 seconds.

After installing a Service Pack, 640 MB file backup service pack can be removed through the use Disk Cleanup, but Microsoft recommends doing so “a few weeks after” the update. The service pack will be released through Microsoft Update and Windows, and made available as a separate download.

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