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Windows Phone 7 soon to get updates; will bring Copy/Paste, CDMA, and Multitasking

Windows Phone 7 soon to get updates; will bring Copy/Paste, CDMA, and MultitaskingAt MWC in Barcelona Microsoft announced some of the new features and updates to be coming soon for WP7, Steve Balmer was delivering a speech a bit about the company’s newly expanded relationship with Nokia and some of the future promise of the Windows Phone 7 Smartphone platform that Nokia will now support.

It seems the copy and paste functionality is coming to Windows Phone 7 owners next month via a “major update”. The new update will bring introduce several much-needed features to the WP7 OS including Twitter integration, support for office documents in the cloud, third-party apps multi-tasking support, performance improvements, reduce app/game load times and copy-and-paste and a new browser based on the new Internet Explorer 9 tech.

Ballmer also said that Microsoft is going to push WP7 into new markets – adding support for more languages – and will also very soon support new network technologies, such as the CDMA networks used by Verizon Wireless and Sprint in the USA. Ballmer spoke of a new update to Windows Phone 7 that will become available within the next 4 weeks.

Ballmer said Referring to the Nokia deal that the partnership with Nokia will accelerate the growth of WP7 due to Nokia’s global market presence. It is expected that “early March” update will bring with it copy and paste functionality and performance improvements.

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