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Alfa Romeo 4C Concept Sports Car Unveiled at Geneva Auto Show

Alfa Romeo 4C Concept Sports Car Unveiled at Geneva

This is the long awaited Alfa Romeo 4C Concept, a compact sporty Italian car. The car made its world debut at the Geneva Motor Show. The concept of 4C is a classic two-seater mid-engined, rear-wheel drive vehicle sport compact with a length of only four meters and a wheelbase of less than 2.4 meters.

According to recent reports, the new car will be inspired by the legendary 33 Stradale, a car built in 1967 that became the subject due to its operating characteristics and the fact that only 18 units were manufactured by a collector. Moreover, the car also will be inspired by the 8C Competizione, a limited-edition supercar launched by Alfa Romeo that was too expensive for the market.

It’s powered by a gasoline engine of 1.7 liter turbocharged, as used in the Giulietta, and has a dual clutch transmission dry. The automaker does not disclose an exact number of engine power at present, but uses other 232bhp.

The Alfa Romeo 4C, presented at the Geneva Motor Show, will be on sale in Europe in 2012. While the 4C can reach our shores, the sale date is not known so far. One has only to keep our fingers crossed and pray to whatever deity it is you believe that the Alfa Romeo 4C comes to America.

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