Amazon App Store for Android Openings on March 22nd to Rival Android App Store

Online retailer Amazon is rumored to be preparing its own digital store for Android applications. It has not hidden that Amazon is working on an app store for Android and recently few screenshots of the store were leaked via Even Amazon announced that Angry Birds Rio will be an app store exclusive.

Amazon recently launched the official website for the AppStore a bit early and while it was promptly removed from view, the image above is a screenshot taken by who managed to catch the website in action before it was removed. Amazon’s AppStore is definitely one to watch, with payment options in more locales than Google has available, we feel like Amazon definitely has a chance to offer some serious competition in the Application purchasing. We’ll keep our eye out for official word from Amazon and pass it on if we hear anything.

Amazon will definitely be a hot competitor to the Android Market, as it already has scored exclusivity rights to several apps. One such notable apps is Angry Birds Rio, which will ONLY be available through Amazon. In addition, not just any app can be submitted and accepted into the Amazon store; the company has opted for a closed reviewing process much like iTunes App Store.

Since Amazon’s App Store will be a third-party software hub for Android, it will most likely not be available on AT&T’s network; currently, the network restricts access to third party software on its Android-powered devices. It will be interesting to see if new services such as Amazon can persuade AT&T to lift this restriction, but there’s no way of knowing at this moment.