Amazon Appstore releases with 3800 Apps for Android

As there was rumor about Amazon App store, finally App Store has been launched with free Angry Birds Rio for download. The Appstore is accessible from website and an App. Soon after the app store launch there has been trouble with Apple, Apple’s lawyers have something  about the name “App Store”.

The free Angry Birds Rio will cost $0.99 tomorrow, so this great chance to download it today, Amazon offer an interesting Test Drive option – you can try out an app for 30 minutes in your browser. That’s right, in the browser (Amazon’s cloud services at work).

The Amazon Appstore is opened with 3800 apps for Android, Amazon has been recruiting developers since at least January to convince them to get on board with the venture. Initially, users will have access to a catalog of 3,800 applications.

But the Appstore has gotten Amazon into trouble – with Apple’s App Store and their lawyers. The “App Store” patent is Apple’s and they filed a suit against Amazon.

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