Apple Announces $100 Refund for Recent iPad Purchases

Customers who bought a first generation iPad in the last two weeks you can choose to return the device to Apple, or request a refund of $ 100, now that the IPAD 2 has been announced. In addition, the company will launch a new dock designed to fit the smaller form factor of the IPAD 2, although no new keyboard dock has been demonstrated. The return coincides with the fall in prices for the iPad first generation that followed the announcement of two IPAD.

The IPAD 2 was announced yesterday and will leave March 11. As a result, customers who just purchased an original IPAD can feel a little rascal. So to compensate, Apple is offering a $ 100 rebate on all purchases from the previous IPAD. The refund has been confirmed by Apple’s sales team and several other outlets, including Electricpig.In order to qualify, you must have purchased an iPad within 14 days of the announcement yesterday, which puts the first date eligible purchases at about 16 February. Customers seeking a refund must also have their receipts in hand.

The new prices for original IPAD is $ 399 for 16 GB version of Wi-Fi only or $ 529 for the Wi-Fi and 3G model. In the original versions of 64 GB, Wi-Fi models are only now $ 599 and the Wi-Fi and 3G is $ 729. For those who did not buy an iPad and I still think the iPad 2 is too expensive (same price as the first IPAD), then they’re in luck. Apple has lowered the price of all first generation iPads at $ 100, therefore, the rebate offer.