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Apple White iPhone release may be in June 2011; Apple’s Philip Schiller tweets

Apple White iPhone release may be in June 2011; Apple Philip Schiller tweets

White iPhon 4 or iPhone 5! According to some reports, Apples Marketing honcho Philip Schiller tweeted via his twitter account that  White iPhone will be available this spring. Phil didn’t mention which iPhone 4 or iPhone 5. According to some rumors and aticipation the iPhon Phil intends could be iPone 5.

The White iPhone has been on rumor for months, There was report that Apple avoided iPhone in white due to some technical issues, especially with the color white. but recently launched iPad 2 is available in White also, so no doubt White iPhone is also going to be a fact. The last day of spring is June 20, so there’s your iPhone 5 availability date. Even if Schiller was in fact referring to a white iPhone 4, June 20 still files as a possible iPhone 5 release date because Apple would want to coincide any white iPhone 4 availability with the iPhone 5 arrival.

Apple is also reportedly to run WWDC on June 5 and 9  based on “Corporate Meeting” placeholder in the Moscone center. Anyway let’s wait for those anticipated days for an announcement from Apple.

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