Asus Chrome OS Netbook Release will be in June

Asus Chrome OS Netbook Release will be in June

Asus is known to be one of the pioneers of netbooks and has launched several Eee PC netbook models till date. Computer maker Asus may launch a 10-inch netbook this June for $200-$250 powered by Google Chrome OS or possibly Android 3.0, current online rumors suggest.

The device will feature a single core Atom microchip from Intel the device utilize the Google Chrome OS may be available by the middle of the year. The latest Asus netbook is expected to use the Google Chrome OS since the company a Google Chrome OS partner.

Several first generation netbooks are available for as low as $280-$325 at this moment and new dual-core models cost about $400 or higher. With the advent of touchscreen tablets, the consumers’ attention has been shifted from netbooks to tablets. To grab attention, Asus plans to launch a more affordable and pocket friendly netbook. Component makers in Taiwan suggest that Asus would be opting for Google Chrome OS or a modified version of Android 3.0 in order to bring down the price.

Google debuted Chrome OS nearly two years ago, but the search giant and its partners including Hewlett-Packard, Lenovo, Toshiba, as well as Asus have yet to launch a Chrome OS-based netbook. Chrome OS is essentially Google’s Chrome browser with limited driver support for hardware components. Netbooks running Chrome OS will depend primarily on online data storage with a small amount of onboard drive space.

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