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AT&T to allow Consumers purchasing and downloading from Amazon Appstore

AT&T to make Amazon Appstore available for Consumers soon

Since Amazon Appstore went live, consumers of AT&T wireless hasn’t been able to download any application from the Appstore. This restrictions is due to the Application is not from a authorized Android Market. AT&T woudn’t allow people to download or install any app from out of the Android Market.

But here is good news fro those who has been trying to download or purchase app from Amazon Android Appstore, It seems that things are going to change soon since AT&T has launched a web page, where it has announced its efforts to allow purchases and downloads through the Amazon Appstore in the near future. If you are interested in downloading app from Amazon Appstore, you can leave your e-mail address on the page for a further notification that Amazon Appstore becomes available for AT&T users.

Since Amazon proved its to be popular, AT&T must have decided to lift the restriction on AT&T users to download or install app from Amazon. it’s not sure that Smartphone from AT&T would need an update to access Amazon Appstore. we hope there will be a solution soon and we will surely let you know when it’s available.

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