BlackBerry PlayBook Release Date Rumouring as April 10

Hot on the heels of Apple iPad 2 release a few days ago, the new tablet BlackBerry playbook is likely to be launched in April this year. The company’s recent stock decline has not created moves thereby allowing the company to go with the decision to launch a tablet this year.

According to a post exclusive news, the good people on demand have been, “he said by multiple sources that RIM’s first tablet launched on April 10, which puts the release date of claim BlackBerry own fame one tablet a month after that of the IPAD 2 in the United States.

To increase their market shares, Blackberry has introduced a unique way of marketing Playbook Tablet. In its official blog, Blackberry has signed a tool for Tablet OS. That means that through this you can have a signed application that can be loaded with the default application in the world for distribution to customers and other users.

RIM has confirmed that the playbook will reach the end of Q1 for the U.S., ahead of the rumored date April 10. Since this month is the last month of Q1, we have about 4 weeks until we see the tablet on sale in stores. A smart move by RIM, as the IPAD 2 will be released next week, pushing the release date playbook before the rumored only encourage people to wait a little longer for your Tablet PC .