EA to release New Title Update for Fight Night Champion soon; Details revealed

EA has finally unveiled that the company is going to release an update for popular boxing game Fight Night Champion. It seems that the fans of Fight Night Champion have got some new DLC.

According to reports that the upcoming title update has fixed couple of bugs  including one in which the Perfect Block would occasionally freeze the opponent’s inputs, and another where the guard would go back up late if the player threw more than 1 punch out of the block.

In new title update there have been some adjustments and improvements. For example the stamina recovery has been adjusted, which means that there will now be less stamina recovered between the rounds. The game punching will make more damage and combination punch will be more crucial than before.

Combination speed has also been adjusted with new update title, while you playing you can also feel the difference in the combination speed between boxers with high and low combination skill rating.

Anyway, if you like Fight Night Champion, what do you think about these changes with new title update?