The Last Google Cr-48 Laptop also shipped; Chrome OS devices from Samsung and Acer expected this summer

There is an unfortunate news for consumers who really want to have Cr-48 laptop, according to reports the Product Management VP Sundar Pichai has revealed that at least for now Google has shipped the last one of the devices. The info was revealed by a tweet though twitter.

There was a rumor that Google received about 60,000 Cr-48s from ODM Inventec back in December, though whatever the number of manufactured units was, the fact is that it’s now been fully depleted.

Pichai had announced that the Chrome OS based device would be manufactured first by Samsung and Acer according to reports the devices would be laptops. For those who did not get a chance to try out a Cr-48 through the Pilot Program, there should be opportunities this summer to purchase Chrome OS devices.

Anyway let’s wait for another chance to use the Chrome OS based devices from Samsung and Acer. The screenshot of the tweet is below.