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Google introduces “+1” Button, a direct Copy of Facebook’s “Like” Button

Google introduces "+1" Button, a direct Copy of Facebook's "Like" ButtonGoogle introduces "+1" Button, a direct Copy of Facebook's "Like" Button

Search Engine Giant Google has launched a new tool on Search page just like Facebooks like Button, the tool lets users to recommend the post or Ads that they like, for U.S users the namely +1 means “this is pretty cool” Button has been appeared along side search results, users can recommend web pages to their friends and contacts using this +1 Button.

It’s believed that this new feature eventually influence search result, though that is only under consideration. Results are now ranked via a closely guarded algorithm.

The New feature is expected to be available across the U.S this week followed by English-speaking nation and across world in Months.

Spokesman Matt Cutts said the +1 buttons were part of the evolution of Google’s own social search efforts, rather than a direct response to Facebook’s Like buttons.

‘We always keep an eye out on what other people are doing, but for me the compelling value is just that it’s right there in the search results,’ said Mr Cutts.

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  • Morten Jølnæs

    I say it might be inspired by Facebook but there’s a HUGE difference between someone posting a Like on facebook for their friends to see, compared to doing a search on google, see two results and one has 10,000 recommendations while the other has 87. Of course bots exploiting this feature will soon enter the fray making things a mess unless closely monitored.