HP reportedly releases webOS 2.1 Update for Palm Pre 2

HP reportedly releases webOS 2.1 Update for Palm Pre 2

According to several reorts, the HP Palm Pre 2 has started to get webOS 2.1 update worldwide,  webOS 2.1 update will bring features such as Exhibition, Voice Dial, other improvements to Email, messaging and tasks.

At the Moment Palm Pre 2 is just a GSM Phone but expected to drop CDMA version soon. webOS 2.1 has already made its way to European Palm Pre Plus smartphones, and now the time has come to Palm Pre 2 for the Update.

If you haven’t got the notification for the update, don’t worry.. it may take awhile to reach you. The old-school Palm OS emulator for webOS was so neat back during the Pre’s introduction that Palm worked closely with the developer to get it supported and available — but when webOS 2.0 happened, Palm dropped the emulator like a hot potato by removing critical stuff from the platform’s updated libraries.

Anyway, when you get your update, please feel free to commend about the update and improvements the HP has made available for its Palm Pre 2 Smartphone.

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