‘Mass Effect 2: Arrival’ DLC Finally Hits the Market

“Mass Effect 2: The Arrival” is now finally available on the market. It is a video games that serve as a bridge between the second and third series of Mass Effect Title.

For those unfamiliar with this product, it is a science fiction game Named “Best Game” to BAFTA AwardsCreated by BioWare and Electronic Arts, Which contains within itself elements from different videogame genres, such as the third-person shooter, strategy and role playing. While at first glance may seem a bunch of content that barely hold it together, since the early minutes of the game makes one account instead of the perfect fusion of all the game components.

“Mass Effect 2: The Arrival” is also the aspect of the story serves as background to the events and missions that the player faces has not been overlooked. BioWare, in fact – as already demonstrated with titles such as “Star Wars: The Knight Of The Old Republic”, “Dragon Age” and “Baldur’s Gate” – has managed to generate an atmosphere worthy of a movie, thinking and recreating different alien species that live among them, with their different cultures, different physical characteristics and their moral and psychological profiles, since in the game you have to create a team putting together all the diverse races, the player is called upon to make the best characteristics of the aliens, trying to maintain stable internal relationships in order to achieve a common goal: the salvation of the universe.

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