Motorola ATRIX reportedly faces Call Quality Issue; Company confirms

Motorola ATRIX is reportedly facing  a sever voice quality issue, while calling people other side complaints they are unable to understand what the caller syas. the issue has become so prevalent and widespread that Motorola itself has taken notice.

Users of ATRIX that caught problem with call quality is reportedly complaining as below

“The voice quality is such a problem that almost every person I talk to tells me that I either sound like I am in a hole, in a cave, far away from my phone, on hands free, muffled, or just plain your phone really sucks.”

yet there hasn’t been any clarity about the problem, according to reports the company is aware of the problem and trying to fix the problem. Motorola ATRIX 4G is the Smartphone that caught much attraction at CES 2011 back in last January with it’s own laptop dock. anyway i hope fix will be found as soon as possible. feel free to comment below about this problem and if you have got it fixed, share how it was fixed.