Motorola to develop its own OS for Mobile Devices?

Motorola is reportedly prepping to release its own Mobile Operating Syaytem, the rumor started to grow since Motorola has been on hiring spree, adding experienced web engineers from Adobe and Apple to their payroll.

When a Compony Spokesperson was asked regarding the rumor, Spokesperson neither confirmed nor denied existence of new project instead, he clarified that Motorola will remain committed to Android as its mobile operating system.

A source supposedly in the know was quoted as saying, “Google is shooting itself in the foot.” Motorola has “concerns about Android fragmentation, product differentiation, and issues related to Google’s support for its partners.” Anyway, this is too early to say something about the commitments of Motorola to build its own operating system at same time it is not deniable since Motorola is committed Mobile manufacturer.

Motorola will have to put forward such an OS that can compete already-established OS like Android and iOS.