Motorola DROID X2, DROID 3 and Targa expected to be released after DROID BIONIC, Images appeared online

Motorola DROID Bionic is one of the anticipated Smartphone from Verizon, in addition to this smartphone there are other range of Android devices to come via Verizon according to Phonearena. The DROID Bionic powered with a dual-core processor will feature a qHD display, 8MO camera.

Other devices from Verizon expected are DROID X2 (model MB870 code named Daytona), and DROID  3, never expect these phones are LTE devices. DROID X2 will also feature qHD display and dual-core processor and DROID 3 expected to have good looking keyboard. And there is mystery device from Motorola codenamed Targa,  as it looks to be in the DROID X model series (notice the camera hump on the back), but is much more fashionable with a chrome accents on the sides.

The device is also expected to have a 4G support, the image below clearly shows “4G” with Big red’s Logo on rear side, and will also feature a a front facing camera for video chats, capacitive buttons on the bottom, HDMI out on the side, and under the rear camera it looks to say “13MP / AF”, the display of theis device also expected to be the same qHD and powered with dual-core processor.

The availabilty and the pricing of the devices are not available yet and Smartphones are expected for  Q4 2011. check out the Images of these anticipated smartphone.