Mozilla Web App Store Now Available for Developers

Today, the first developer release of Mozilla New Web Application Store was released. As a direct competitor of Google Chrome Web store application, the battle begins in the year 2011.

Mozilla creates an open web application infrastructure for the first version of web application technology and is the API for applications and application stores, which also behave as management tools for browsers and is currently offering all. Moreover, even a handful of applications to see how the whole system will work.

Applications of the Mozilla store web application will allow users to run applications style smartphone with a single click or a few keystrokes on their desks. The details are sketchy at this time, but Mozilla has released a promotional video for interested developers, which describes how developers can start writing applications and development of stores to sell through.

No word on when the Mozilla Web App Store finally ready for the public, but developers in early birds at least can now begin drawing up construction applications and windows through which they sell. For a closer look at what Mozilla has been doing, take a look at the video below.