NOOKcolor Gets Bluetooth Support Now

NOOKcolor Gets Bluetooth Support Now

We learned a couple of months they had been unlocked for Bluetooth color Nook at a level of development, but until now has been unavailable to users. For those of you out there that own NOOKcolor or looking for a reason to have the NOOKcolor, an important step forward was taken in the development of stable Android ROM for the device. In a newly-built SD card boot CM7 for electronic reader verygreen tablet became XDA Android developer support is enabled with Bluetooth.

Besides having a Bluetooth capability, Kmoobs says he can make phone calls, presumably through something like Skype application for Android and a bluetooth headset. A very cool feature that opens up enormous possibilities for those on a budget who want a tablet that can be played Android. This is in addition to overclocking their NOOKcolor users and up to about 1 GHz of processing speed and allow it to become a fully functional Android Tablet. Too bad they do not have a camera in it!

There are still some kinks to be worked out. Currently, Bluetooth only has a functional range of about 13 inches. For now that means the most is the use of its links NOOK a keyboard or a headset in the vicinity. With further development of the range with luck it should extend at least a few meters.

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