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Polyply iDevice Deck Could Neatly Keep Your Apple Mobile Products

Polyply iDevice Rack Could Neatly Keep Your Apple Mobile Products

For all holders of various mobile devices from Apple comes some really interesting and very functional, Polyply , a kit by which you can keep your crown jewels so ordered and embedded to each other as if they were pieces of Tetris. Rather than have all the Apple devices scattered around the desk, Andrew Kim has designed Polyply, a kit that allows you to put in order all the iDevice.

Its worth noting that this is not a real product, since Polyply is a kind of accessory that can be done by anyone at home with a bit of plywood. So if you’re already wondering where you can buy it, I’m sorry, but it is not for sale.

Yet the idea of Andrew Kim is very intriguing and maybe someone could also give us a little thought up for patents and / or marketing. Besides, have you ever seen a product like this that keep well ordered your device also allows you to reload without having wires all over the place.

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