RIM Releases Blackberry Protect Beta Security App

RIM Releases Blackberry Protect Beta Security App

RIM announced ‘Blackberry protect “in July as a limited beta service. Now open beta is available for all BlackBerry users. BlackBerry Protect is an all-in-one security tool to help mobile users to retrieve their lost or stolen and prevent unauthorized access to personal data.

BlackBerry Protect provides GPS tracking, remote locking and clean (including SD card data), and the ability to display a popup message on the device or the force of a strong ring to assist in the location. The application also allows users to perform regular backups, wireless or a force to the letter. That means you can push away all meant to synchronize data only hours before the phone out of place. The data can be restored also wirelessly.

Protect BlackBerry application lets you:

  • Finding your missing on the map using GPS and cell tower triangulation.
  • Lock the phone remotely or set a password.
  • Activate distinctive ring to help locate a missing phone – even if the phone is in silent mode.
  • Send a message to your phone letting anyone who would know how to return it.
  • Backup all data from your phone.
  • Securely erase all data on your phone and SD card remotely.

The features can be activated from the’Blackberry protect “website remotely. The bad news is the beta version is only available to users in the U.S. and some Latin American geography The rest of the world has yet to wait a few months before they can get their hands on this beta. ‘Blackberry protect “is not available for mobile phones using BlackBerry Enterprise Server or BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express.

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