Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 Android Smartphone Review: Specs, Price, Pros and Cons

With the name Galaxy Ace, perhaps the product was able to move forward and not only stop the mobile medium-range products. Equipped with the Android operating system, this product has become a barrier to competition and be listed as a smartphone.

The fact is, with 800MHz processor, Android Froyo operating system, standard connections, size and resolution screen as big as the iPhone 3rd generation, Samsung Ace Galaxy is truly an ideal choice. However, a limitation of this series is the video recording capabilities, its only installed with QVGA @ 15fps. This will slightly affect the quality of your video because the frame index is low, images will be shocked.

Specifications of the Galaxy Ace S5830:

Some technical limitations:

Due to the restrictions in terms of design indicators should frame video quality is not standard, but the camera still for ultra-sharp images. TouchWiz 3.0 interface refinements supports for office applications and data management as well as the strength of the Galaxy Ace.

The phone also very solid, high elasticity, contributing to create a good impression to the user. But with many features appearance simulating the iPhone is worth to ask questions about the uniqueness of the product.


Samsung Ace Galaxy’s dimensions is 112.4 x 59.9 x 11.5 mm, made of plastic and weighs 113g. The angle of bending is that Ace becomes softer and thinner than its thickness 11.5 mm. Compared with Star II, the Galaxy Ace is somewhat larger, but still a modest mobile device, smaller than the iPhone 4.

Looking at the front and sides of the iPhone and Ace , one can easily find similarities rather than differences. Galaxy Ace Samsung S5830 is equipped with screen brightness and contrast okay, but the colors are faded. Besides the screen of the Galaxy S5830 Ace is not really good, in addition to reading under sunlight is not much as expected. The highlight of this phone model is the sensitivity of the screen. Touch-sensitive moderate so it is consistent with the use, avoiding the sensitive lead to unwanted actions.

However, because of not equipped with light sensors, Ace not able to automatically adjust the brightness of the screen. Below the screen, there are three buttons designed in Samsung style. In the middle is the Home key, two key remaining (Menu and Back) on either side. The more you look at Galaxy Ace, the more I see products like the iPhone than just seeing the Home button in the middle, do not see the keys anywhere. In fact, they are hidden and only show up when in use.

Dorsal of Samsung Galaxy Ace has changed compared to the predecessors, and these changes bring positive effects. Black plastic covered the entire surface with woven mesh form, fingerprints will be hard to stay on the back of Ace. Instead, it is fun and safe to handle. 5 MP camera lens is located at the top left corner, below is the LED flash. Lens revealed that outside easily scratched, so users need to pay attention to this.

The Samsung Galaxy Ace currently costs about 260 euro, which sounds quite fair. And we think you won’t be disappointed if you decide to give it a shot. If you are looking for an affordable Froyo-powered droid, the list of alternatives isn’t too long.

With these features it is equipped with Samsung Ace Galaxy S5830 will target mid-range phone segment: 3.5 inch screen with a resolution has not pushed prices up and “abuse” the hardware. In addition, the relative similarity to the famous Galaxy S II will help Ace has more than the market price.

Dorsal is also arranged speakers. Ace’s speakerphone has a small knob protruding up to protect the speaker to avoid shock when the phone on different surfaces. Equipped with 1350mAh Li-ion battery, Ace was introduced as a standby time of 640 hours (with 2g) and 420 hours for 3G talk time is 11 hours (with 2G) and 6 ½ hours with 3G networks.

Froyo OS and TouchWiz UI:

Galaxy Ace Samsung S5830 is one of Samsung’s smartphone used Froyo operating system comes with TouchWiz interface. There are four virtual buttons are fixed at the bottom of the homescreen. The custom began in the homescreen when you have seven boxes containing the widget, but I also do not need to use all the time. If there is less need, we can clear up a few boxes do not need to speed up processing of the device. Users can also zoom with two fingers as seen in the video, to select the edit mode allows you to add, delete or rearrange the boxes homescreen.

Call feature:

Make calls using Samsung Galaxy without any problems. Smart Dialing feature offers the ability to find interesting names and contacts. This is also a common feature on most Galaxy phones. In addition, users have the option during a call, including notes, using the keypad, touch groups(add another call).

Video on Ace:

Software to watch movies on Galaxy Ace read 3GP and MP4 files, does not support DivX / XviD. With DNLA, the phone will share pictures and video with other compatible devices such as TV or PC. Interface software to watch video on Ace is simple, and can be upgraded.

5MP Camera quality is quite:

Galaxy Samsung Ace is equipped with 5 megapixel camera with autofocus with a maximum resolution of 2560 x 1920 pixels, with LED flash lets you shoot in low light places. Moreover, the product is also capable of face detection and smile, as well as functions associated image coordinates (geotagging).

Ace is not equipped for the camera shortcut key, therefore, want to use the photograph must be enabled on the touch screen. Image quality of the Ace is high compared with 5MP camera: good contrast ratio, color fidelity, noise at acceptable levels. In general, you can be satisfied with the imaging functional of Galaxy Ace.


Galaxy Ace works on band GSM/GPRS/EDGE and HSPA with download speeds of 7.2 Mbps of data. Wi-Fi(b/g/n), Bluetooth 2.1 with A2DP and USB 2.0 support. USB is a standard microUSB, easy to find the cable connection. Although there are small internal memory (158MB), but fortunately Froyo Android allows you to install applications on SD memory cards with capacities can support up to 32GB. Galaxy Samsung Ace is also equipped with standard 3.5 mm audio jack.


Galaxy Samsung Ace has good features compared to its price: the 3.5-inch screen brings elegant HVGA, 800 MHz processor, 5MP Camera shooting good, nice shape and, of course, Android 2.2 Froyo. The plus point is mixed video features as well as disappointing poor codec support.

The balance between technology and the cost is an integral part of the midrange phones. And Samsung Ace Galaxy did this good. We can say, Samsung has found a worthy replacement for the popular product lines to their Android.

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