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Samsung Mobiles for US Carriers to get First Android 2.3 Updates

Samsung Mobiles for US Carriers to get First Android 2.3 Gingerbread Updates

The Korean Manufacturer Samsung is reportedly to release first Androd OTA update for US Carriers, According to some reports Romanian Facebook Page for Samsung has hinted an OTA update to Gingerbread will be released for international version of  the Galaxy S by the end of March.

Samsung is well-known for releasing update very late, Samsung released first Froyo upgrade 6 months after Android 2.2 Froyo was launched while some other handset makers released OTA upgrade to Froyo within 6 months.

So far only the Nexus One has been updated to Android 2.3, but that device was only sold online and marketed as a device for developers. Samsung is hoping provide the first Android 2.3 updates for phones sold by the US carriers.

If Samsung can get the international Galaxy S running on 2.3, there shouldn’t be too much resistance getting Android 2.3 working under the hood of one of the Samsung Galaxy S variants available on U.S. carriers. Of course, you might want to rule out the Fascinate on Verizon, for the reason we stated above.

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