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Skype releases “Skype in the Classroom”, a dedicated teachers’ Network

Skype releases "Skype in the Classroom", a dedicated teacher Network

For teachers worldwide Skype has officially released its new network named “Skype in Classroom”, in this community, Teachers first create profiles to describe their classes and teaching interests. Once they have a listing, they can use the directory service to locate other teachers with relevant interests, or similar classes and communicate with them. This allows teachers to learn from one another, and to even coordinate special projects between classes, different schools, and even countries over the internet.

It can also be used to expose kids to guest speakers or collaborate on projects with other classes. Teachers can search through the service using age groups, location, and subjects of interest, Skype said.

“Before arranging the first video call, our students exchanged letters and e-mails but we decided to bring the two classes together face-to-face over Skype video to enrich their relationship,” Christophe Fetat, one of the teachers involved in the project, said in a statement. “The result was amazing. Students were really engaged to discuss different topics.”

This feature is anyway helpful for both teachers and Students to improve their skills and keep in touch with others and there won’t be barriers to fetch knowledge from teachers from other country.

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