Sony NGP (PSP2) WiFi reportedly to cost $250 and $350 for 3G Version

Sony NGP (PSP2) WiFi reportedly to cost $250 and $350 for 3G Version

Sony’s new PlayStation Portable Sony NGP is reportedly to be priced about $250 for WiFI and $350 for the 3G Version of the device. Gamers were asked how likely they would buy the handheld based on those prices, Kotaku learned.

Rumors started when a Ubisoft was reported by various tech sites to have conducted a research on how much would the average consumer pay for the Sony NGP. Results of the survey revealed that the wi-fi only model will be priced at $250 and the 3G version slightly higher than that.

Anyway there hasn’t been any official confirmation on the price of the device the survey was done by third party publisher and not by Sony, but anyway this survey more likely to influence the pricing of Sony NGP since the consumers expect such a way. So Sony is expected to keep the expectation of Consumers.

If the survey holds true, the Wi-Fi model of the Sony NGP will be around the same price as the Nintendo 3DS.

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