New Specialized McLaren S-Works Venge Bicycle released

mclaren s works veng 9w New Specialized McLaren S Works Venge Bicycle released

Following BMW M Carbon Racer Bicycle, here is another one from another luxury Car Giant. It’s really interesting to know why these car makers turn in to producing Bicycles, McLaren one of the esteemed super car maker launched its new sports bicycle S-Works Venge. There will be two model of McLaren Bicycles those are McLaren and S-Works Venge.

Bicycles are built in collaboration with American manufacturer Specialized and designed by Chris D’Aluisio, the head of research and development for Specialized, the S-Works Venge is a high-end performance bicycle that has an aerodynamic frame built completely from carbon fiber and weighs at a ridiculously light weight of less than 1 kg, which is about two pounds if you’re keeping score. Add in all the necessary parts and elements of the bike, including the fork, the seat, the crankset, and the electronic gearshift, and you have the whole thing weighing in at just 2.07 kg, or about 4.5 lbs.

Specialized has conducted track testing with the Venge against their current top-line race bike, the Tarmac SL3. Claimed watts saved by the Venge range from 3W at 20km/h to a whopping 23W at 45km/h, and presumably a lot more than this at Mark Cavendish’s sprint speed of around 70km/h. Giving a professional rider that sort of advantage is incredible and should be apparent from very early on in the season.

The McLaren Venge is expected to hit the Market in September meanwhile S-Works Venge will be available by the end of April this year. Price of the bike is yet to be detailed later but in the UK the McLaren Venge will cost £5,000 for the frame module. US prices for the S-Works Venge are $3800 for the frame module, $8800 for a SRAM Red build and $9200 for a Shimano Dura-Ace build. US prices for the McLaren Venge are yet to be confirmed.

McLaren Venge TP 150x150 New Specialized McLaren S Works Venge Bicycle released McLaren Venge 150x150 New Specialized McLaren S Works Venge Bicycle released

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