T-Mobile to offer 10GB webConnect Data Plan

America’s 4rth largest carrier is to offer new webConnect data plan, the carrier is rolling out new data plans beginning March 13. The new monthly offerings will offer users 200MB, 5GB, and 10GB of data, and retail for $29.99, $49.99 and $79.99 respectively.

The 5GB package has a $10 increase over the current $39.99. Going with 5 gigabytes you won’t have to pay overage fees, but as soon as you hit the 5GB threshold your speeds will decrease significantly. The good news is that T-Mobile is adding a 10GB package for $79.99 allowing you to consume even more data on the go. The same overage policy applies here, with the threshold for speed reduction at 10GB.

The new plan will eliminate the need to for customers who have both voice and data plans to pay two bills. It will also give voice customers 20 percent off their webConnect plans when paired together, making the 10GB just $63.99, the 5GB plan $39.99, and the 200MB plan $23.99. At the same time, pairing a voice and a data plan will result in a 20% discount on the data rates. Check out all the details on the screenshot above leaked just a few days before.