T-Mobile Releases Bold 9700 BlackBerry OS 6 Update

Many companies have officially launched OS 6.0 for most of the latest devices to officially bless the 9700 with OS 6.0 is T-Mobile USA. Earlier versions of the BlackBerry platform OS may seem quite dated compared to, for example, Android 2.3, but RIM is trying to change all that with frequent updates. Most of these updates was the recently released BlackBerry OS 6 upgrade that adds things like a browser based on WebKit and set more streamlined registration process.

The update has gone live on its website at the time of writing, but Bold 9700 that connect to BlackBerry owners on their PC Desktop should have no problem with the installation of the update. We know that the release version is version, and what makes this special is that it is the first version of OS 6 posts Bold 9700 available to users through T-Mobile. The software must be updated when you connect the 9700 to your PC via USB cable and desktop manager release. If the operating system is available to you asking you to upgrade to v6.0.0.448.

If you’re wondering why the update has not gone live on the RIM BlackBerry website to be a no, but, reportedly, by connecting the device to your computer and start the BlackBerry Desktop must be allowed make the update. No official word from T-Mobile, but it seems to be official soon.