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T-Mobile to sell HTC Flyer on its network; Ad shows the Flyer

T-Mobile to sell HTC Flyer on its network; T-Mobile Ad shows the Flyer

Recently there was a report that HTC Flyer Android Tablet would exclusively available from Best buy, and as HTC Evo View 4G from Sprint. Now things look like the tablet is heading to T-Mobile.

A few leaked ads of T-Mobile show the Tablet from HTC, Tyhe ad even indicate the Scribe technology of Flyer Tablet. According to recent announcement HTC Flyer will be available exclusively from Best  Buy in April. If the HTC Flyer is heading to T-Mobile, it will join two other Tablets from Samsung and LG on the network. Both the Flyer and the Galaxy Tab have a 7 inch screen while the G-Slate offers an 8.9 inch display.It will bring more competition within the carrier since more tablets are available to select.

One feature that keeps HTC Flyer from other tablets is it’s scribe technology that let’s user to write on the screen using a special pen. But it’s to see how T-Mobile will achieve its business with 3 tablets. at the same time more tablets availability from same carrier may bring almost good business.

HTC’s Flyer powered by a 1.5GHz processor features a 7″ display, front and rear-facing cameras, 32GB of internal storage and 1GB of RAM.

The release date of HTC Flyer on T-Mobile’s network is not revealed but T-Mobile Flyer is expected to hit in this spring following Sprint and Best Buy launch. T-Mobile also revealed that T-Mobile plans on offering a contest where the winner will receive a trip to Europe.

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