Verizon HTC Droid Eris Gets OTA Firmware Update

Apparently HTC and Verizon Wireless are developing a small update to the air at the Eris now. People in androidforums and XDA-developers report that they are receiving this update.

Now updated to ROM: 2.41.605.6 and Radio from:, the update brings many new improvements. The update includes: improved performance Bluetooth with Mercedes-Benz E350 cars New Twitter authentication, visual voicemail, multimedia enhancements and more. Eris Droid particular, if they have not received the update yet, just wait until you get the notification to start.

The list of improvements and adjustments include:

Improved Bluetooth connection to Mercedes-Benz E350
New Twitter authentication
Visually the improvement Received Signal Strength Indicator
Pre-loaded Visual Voice Mail
Sync capable of Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 calendars
MMS can now be sent with or without text, and devices from other companies now receive multimedia messages

Note, however, that if users are mobile, there will be no warning system update in order to save on roaming charges. Users have to activate and select a netork WiFi WiFi available to receive the update via WiFi.