Verizon Offers $100 Off for All DROID Smartphones

Verizon Offers $100 Off for All DROID Smartphones

Verizon Wireless has launched a new sale of its offerings DROID while doing most of the devices for free, others are also available at very affordable prices. That is, it offers a discount of $ 100 from any smart phone brand DROID for online shoppers, while there will be another $ 100 discount off the subsidized price, two-year contract to boot.

This is due in part to the original Motorola DROID, which, as time was more or less the most advanced phone on the market capable of competing with Apple’s iPhone. Smartphones including DROID 2, R2D2 DROID, Incredible DROID DROID DROID and X are free, while the droid two in the world is priced at $ 99.99, the droid Pro is priced at $ 79.99 and X is priced DROID $ 49.99.

Of course, with the new Bionic HTC Droid and Ray in the way that is not many people would be willing to go to an older device. However, there may be a good option for parents looking to buy their children a smart phone, or new users to join the Android experience.

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