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Verizon Store’s $300 16GB iPad WiFi Discount Offer Information

Verizon Store's $300 16GB iPad WiFi Discount Offer Information

The Verizon stores are currently having an incredible deal on the 1st Gen Wi-Fi only iPads. They are $299 (16GB), $399 (32GB) and $499 (64GB). That’s a $200 discount over the iPad 2 WiFi models. We also just discovered that Verizon’s online store is discounting their iPad and MiFi bundles by $100.  However, you’ll need to click through on each bundle to see the price that is “due today”.

As you might suspect, however, there’s also plenty of reports of Verizon already being sold out, so you might not want to waste much time if you’re thinking about taking the plunge. MiFi sold separately, of course. Of note, just a few weeks ago, Apple slashed the price of the iPad 1 by $100, so it surely pays off to those who wait.

I had been looking at the refurbed iPads on the Apple site and saw the 16GBs sold out a few days ago. Then today, the 32GBs sold out. A few minutes after seeing the 32s sold out, someone at work told me his friend mentioned Verizon was having a sale on iPads. Sure enough! I found links on-line and RAN from work across the street to the mall. Sure enough, I got a brand new 32 GB iPad for $399!!! Even the refurbed one from Apple was $429.

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