Volvo Test: Volvo C30 Electric Car Autonomy Test Result

We knew that the temperature variations were not the preferred conditions of electric batteries, especially cold, able to encumber their autonomy. We have proof of this test with the Volvo C30 Electrical published on the All Electric Cars . For a temperature of -30 degrees somewhere in the far north, yet the autonomy given to 150 km falls to 80 miles away. And yet, without having to use batteries to heat the cabin, a small radiator ethanol taking care of this function.

Volvo evokes the use of snow tires exacerbated friction on the “road” to justify the decrease of autonomy but the main reason remains the extremely low temperatures. In this, the C30 is no exception to the rule before it, the Mini E had been singled out for the same kind of problem.

Hence the importance, progress on battery technology does not improve it significantly, to propose alternatives to recharge onboard. What works elsewhere Volvo with its onboard hydrogen system.