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WP7 HTC 7 Pro Review

WP7 HTC 7 Pro Smartphone Review

HTC 7 Pro is one of the Smartphones with Slide out Keyboard with Windows Phone 7 OS and recently announced and was also most significant launch for Microsoft Windows Phone 7 yet in 2011, so lets make a short review here about the device.

First we go through the design of the design of the device  The HTC 7 Pro carries the company’s typical solid build quality, coming with quality plastic covered all around. Compared to its siblings, the HD7 and Mozart, HTC 7 Pro really is a beast.

A brushed metal ellipse also marks out the area where the 5MP camera with LED flash, and the loudspeaker are on the back. HTC-branded cover that offers access to the battery and SIM slot. The volume rocker on the leftis flush with the side, and that’s where the microUSB port is located, too. The scales strain under its 185g weight, and it’s hardly a slim handset, at 16mm thick. It’s all down to the slide-out Qwerty keyboard.

Just below the screen are the capacitive buttons – back, home and search. They’re sensitive and backlit, but unfortunately, the back-lighting did not remain functional for very long. The Back cover can only be removed if the keyboard is opened and pops off with relatively ease.

When you look at other features , The display is of the odd 3.6” size, and carries the 480×800 pixels of resolution each of its WP7 brethren is boasting. It is a nice, bright LCD screen, with relatively decent viewing angles, but it could use a bit more contrast to its colors. The Pro feels like a step down from its older brother, the 4.3-inch HD7. It’s more akin to the Android-based, 3.7-inch HTC Desire Z, which also offers a physical keyboard.

Software and Functionality

When you look at side of software, to say that this mobile OS has one of the best Facebook contact integrations on a smartphone, managing to rival Android overlays of Samsung and HTC. And, if you happen to use Hotmail (still the most popular web email service), Windows Live, SkyDrive or other parts of the Microsoft cloud ecosystem.

WP7 HTC 7 Pro Review

To send a Microsoft Word document, for example, you have to go into the Office hub,  and email it from the document itself, so tough luck if you need to send both an Excel and a Word file in one and the same email. Microsoft has to step up its Office integration game as this is one of its main points to differentiate. Hopefully the Nokia collaboration will prod Redmond to do so.

At browsing level  The WP7 browser is a speedy machine with minimalistic interface, but the lack of Adobe Flash support cripples it a bit. when IE9 comes with the “Mango” update in the fall. Until then, you will have a Flashless experience in the browser.

HTC offers customized the default WP7 homescreen adding its own tiles like the HTC Hub, which takes you to the familiar HTC animated weather screen, a YouTube client which is way better than the default WP7 one, as well as the Sound Enhancement app which allows you to turn on or off the surround sound mode and equalizer presets.

HTC 7 Pro is available in both GSM and CDMA flavors  and GSM versin provides trraditional 7.2Mnps data download speed in 3G mode, the handset is not away from WiFi, and also features Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and A-GPS radios. For GPS functionality the software used is bing Maps and doesn’t feature a free turn by turn navigation. It is based on NAVTEQ cartography as is Ovi Maps, that is why the Nokia-Microsoft deal will be so valuable in that department for… Microsoft.

At hardware level the phone is equipped with 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor,  448MB RAM/512 MB ROM on the HTC 7 Pro. You can install additional applications from the Marketplace, which now has more than 9000 apps, covering most of the basics and Marketplace is expected to cover 10000 in the Mid of March 2011.

Camera and Multimedia

HTC 7 Pro has 5MP camera as you know Smartphones released nowadays offer more than 5MP, anyway the camera is complete with LED Flash.  The camera interface is pretty basic compared to the way HTC is able to customize it on its Android handsets, but it has still managed to sneak in a few metering modes and preset scenes like Portrait, Landscape, Sports, Beach, Backlight, Candlelight, as well as a Macro mode. There are four effects in your disposal which are  Grayscale, Negative, Sepia and Solarize.

HTC 7 Pro

As for the audio and video media players, they are, naturally, rolled into the Zune interface on Windows Phone 7, which has cool and simple interface, but the phone itself doesn’t support DivX/Xvid video playback out of the box, only MPEG-4 codecs. The loud speaker is pretty weak so better to listen audio with headset that is compatible with surround sound.

HTC 7 Pro


The overall performance is average and has some default such as with loud speakers but earpieces on HTC 7 Pro is pretty good the Battery of the device is  The 1500mAh and lasts 7 hours of talk time in 3G mode, which is about average, and you will have to charge the handset daily unless you use it very lightly. Keyboard of the device is built in good manner and while typing it functionally works fine so HTC 7 Pro will keep its boasting with best slide-out QWERTY keyboard. Lack of Adobe Flash player support for browser is really frustrating at least until the new browser is available for the device, you can’t attach both Word and Excel file in one and the same email with the default email client. And now you can decide how far it is useful for you and not in my opinion it is an average smartphone and hopes Microsoft and Nokia collaboration will bring more functional and exciting Smartphones soon.

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