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3Dconnexion Announces ‘3DxWare 10’ 3D Space Mouse to work with 2D apps

3Dconnexion Announces 3DxWare 10 3D Space Mouse to work with 2D apps
3Dconnexion announced 3DxWare 10, the driver, which allows for a 3D-manipulators in any application, from Microsoft Office to Internet browsers, and from media players to games.

Over a million 3D-manipulators sold, now the 3Dconnexion engineers and designers working in a complex 3D-environments. And now with 3DxWare 10, 3D-manipulators can also easily work in everyday applications. Beta versions of 3DxWare 10 for PC and Mac can be downloaded for free from

Previously, only members of the specialized 3D-applications have seen the advantages of intuitive 3D-navigation, using six degrees of freedom provided by the 3Dconnexion 3D-manipulators. Now 3DxWare10 simple interface allows users to program keystrokes, button traditional mouse or joystick movements in any combination of a 3D-manipulator. You can use the joystick to tilt the robot arm to scroll through Web pages, rotate the joystick to adjust the volume in ITunes or all six axes for piloting the helicopter in Battlefield Bad Company 2. Selecting the application and refinement of movement in six axes and pressed up to 32 function keys (depending on the model of 3D-manipulator) are entirely dependent on the user.

3Dconnexion Announces 3DxWare 10 3D Space Mouse to work with 2D apps

3DxWare 10 offers excellent opportunities for the use of 3D-manipulators in everyday applications, including:

Documents and Browsers: 3D-mouse is now offering an attractive alternative to traditional means of navigation with the mouse wheel in the documents, spreadsheets and Web pages. Trim Joystick 3D-mouse to scroll the document up or down or rotate the joystick to zoom in and zoom out.

Media Player: To adjust the volume, select a track or position, usually require the traditional mouse and keyboard. On 3D manipulator can rotate the joystick to adjust the volume, tilt the joystick sideways to fast, or back and forth to move between tracks in the playlist. And if you prefer more control, 3D manipulator can be easily configured for maximum convenience.

Games: Most gamers rely on a combination of the traditional mouse and keyboard to control their hero or a camera, but with 3DxWare10 3D-manipulator can bring an intuitive and easy to control in games such as, for example, The Sims 3. 3D-mouse can emulate a joystick or a gamepad that will ensure a more vivid sense of 3D in games like Microsoft Flight Simulator or Wings of Prey.

Collaborate in 3D: 3DxWare10 also provides new opportunities for professional users, allowing the use of several 3D-manipulators on a single workstation. This innovative feature makes it easy to work with 3D-models in batch mode to analyze the project or to make a presentation of the project to customers.

3D Mouse used with Internet Explorer and Word,

3D Mouse used with Final Cut Pro,

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