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Acer releases new Acer 27″ HN274H and 23.6″ HS244HQ 3D Monitors; Pricing $689 and $449 respectively

Acer releases new Acer 27" HN274H and 23.6" HS244HQ 3D Monitors; Pricing $689 and $449 respectively

Acer has released its couple of new 3D enabled Monitors, dubbed HN274H and HS244HQ at 27 and 23.6 inch respectively. Acer claims that 27″ HN274H is the first LED Backlit Monitor to have  HDMI 3d and NVIDIA 3D Vision support-Blu-ray or TV set-top box for the former, PC gaming for the latter (via the usual DVI-DL).

The 27″ display has 1920 x 1080 resolution and 100,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio with 300cd/m2 brightness and 2ms response time along with a built-in IR emitter for the included NVIDIA 3D glasses, as well as a handful of ports: VGA, DVI, and three HDMI. all this feature will buy you for a price of $689.

And  If you are looking for budget display that has advanced features like 3D the HS244HQ 23.6 inch Monitor is for you. the Monitor has almost same features that include same HD resolution, brightness, and response time, though contrast ratio is lowered to 12,000,000:1. But the Monitor lacks NVIDIA 3D Vision technology at the same time display comes with Acer 3D glasses featuring advanced active shutter 3D technology.

Acer claims that both Monitors consumes 60% power than normal LCD displays that saves you money and energy. The 23.6 inch display will be available for a price of $449. Both Monitor are coming with a three-year parts and labor limited warranty

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