Amazon prepping to release its own Android Tablet by Samsung?

After the recently spread rumor about Amazon, that the Company was prepping to release an Android Smartphone named Balze but now it seems to fake, there has been somewhat firm speculation that Amazon is prepping to release an Android Tablet in the Market. According to Industry Observers the idea of Amazon Tablet is an open secret that will become true soon.

As you know that having a Tablet and making popularity of the device is not challenge for Amazon since it has already had Android Market and all your Credit Card details. and Amazon has already made history with its own eReader as the ever leading eReader from Amazon.

It’s anticipated that the Amazon Tablet would be made by Samsung and will measure 7 inch, other details on the Anticipated Tablet is really a mystery. Amazon might manage to out something really affordable, in order to lead users into its unique physical goods/virtual services consumption ecosystem. Anyway what do you think about the Amazon’s speculated Intention to release a Tablet?