Andi-One Android Universal Remote also functioning as Mini-Tablet or IP Phone

The manufacturer “Conspin” is published the Andi-one; according to their own statements its the first universal remote control based on Android. The universal remote control not only control multiple devices, but also serves as a mini-tablet to surf and play or can be even converted through an accessory as an IP phone.

The new design which the company says is the first of its kind merges merges a tablet PC with a universal remote controller, to allow users control of up to 50 disparate devices via RF (RF4CE), IR and Wi-Fi. While the company’s creation superficially resembles a basic smartphone, with the front dominated by a 3.5in 320×480 touch-screen display, it is in fact a smart all-in-one remote control designed to steal the market from Logitech’s popular Harmony line.

Devices can also be grouped together for linked control, with users able to create a single button which will turn on – for example – the TV, the AV receiver, and the set-top box with a single tap of a finger. The device includes Wi-Fi connectivity, and is capable of transmitting its commands via RF, infra-red, or over the Wi-Fi network – meaning it should be more than capable of controlling any device in the house.

Besides charging the battery, the Andi-One cradle can serve as a speaker system for the Andi-One as well as Apple’s iPod, iPhone and iPad. It can also receive ongoing updates to the device code database via an optional Wi-Fi Access Point. Conspin says that the Andi-One currently supports more than 10,000 devices from 5000 different manufacturers.

You’ll only have to drop $US350 to get entertainment on the device that’s supposed to control your entertainment.