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Android Skype Update brings 3G Calling in U.S. and also fixes vulnerabilities

Android Skype Update Adds 3G Calling in U.S. and fixes Vulnerabilities

Skype wasted no time in getting an update out for their Android app after a security vulnerability exposing personal data was uncovered last week. The new version of Skype ( became available this morning with a patch in place to cover the security hole, namely a change in permissions for access to the database where personal info is stored. Skype has today posted a new update to its popular VOIP Android client, fixing security issues that potentially allowed attackers to steal sensitive Skype data but also making available 3G voice calls for all Android users in the U.S.

The Update also addresses the security issues mentioned last week that could allow people to snoop on your phone and grab your phone number and call logs. If you’re already using Skype on your Android phone, you should definitely update as soon as possible, if only to address the security issue.

The new version of the Skype app v1.0.0.983, which is available in the Android Market now, changes the permissions of the databases that hold this information, blocking the exploit.

The exploit was originally discovered in a leaked video version of the app which has yet to be patched – so using it before the official version is released is probably not a great idea.

If you live in the U.S, be wary of blasting through your bandwidth allowance too quickly, as Skype calls will be deducted from your allowance.

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