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Apple prepping to release new iMac Desktops?

Apple prepping to release new iMac Desktops soon?

Since the availability of  iMac and iMac components are getting constrained, It’s rumored that the Apple miht be updating its iMac Desktop soon.

According to Mac specific website, Apple has limited the supplies for all four of their current iMac models in all of the countries it’s stocked. Apple’s suppliers are also reportedly low on stock of the hard drives and graphics processors used in iMacs. From the tradition of Apple, Apple generally decreases the stocks and sells out older models and gradually Apple’s website would go down for update.

Tipsters in the United States that their iMac shipments are also very constrained. That’s not the full story though. Although actual iMac shipments are lacking, our U.S. tipsters report that actual iMac components are very constrained. The most constrained pieces right now are the current iMac’s graphics processors and hard drives.

Recently there was another report that Apple may release  2011 iMac in April or may. Anyway these all are speculations and we will have to wait and see what action is taken by Apple for this less availability of the device and hardwares.

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