Awaiba NanEye: Smallest Camera in the World

Portuguese company Awaiba, specializing in the manufacture of image sensors such as CMOS, has released a miniature camera that is smaller than the size of a match head. According to the manufacturer, NanEye is the world’s smallest digital camera, built on the silicon chip. Even with the lens of its size (1 mm x 1 mm x 1.5 mm) can not exceed the size of a pinhead.

It is not excluded that, over time these cameras will be embedded in the lens, clothing and other items of daily use. But above all, they appear in medical endoscopes. But a lover of all kinds of spy gadgets and those who do not trust your soul mate, just have to wait until the tiny camera NanEye appear in the free market.

This is definitely an improvement in the right direction where camera technology is concerned, and it could lead to even more interesting applications – although those who are suspicious of their spouse and partners might wish this tech makes it to the mainstream market sooner rather than later so that they can run some covert operations of their own.