BMW and Siemens introduces Induction based Wireless Charging EV Concept

The induction technology used on the terminals for recharging electric vehicles is not revolutionary and the terminal by Siemens and BMW do not bring anything new. Except a willingness to use it in a concrete framework for the contactless system will be tested as part of a large-scale test conducted in Berlin.

Although electric cars start to be particularly appreciated by the majority of public opinion, the greatest obstacle to the purchase of the same is always represented by the difficulties relating to the supply of electricity, more often than necessary to fuel cars, and not always available everywhere.

Siemens , perhaps best known in the telecommunications sector than in the automobile, however, has created a new project with BMW for induction charging , that is possible without the help of cables: a futuristic almost invisible and vandal-proof, presented in Hannover Messe 2011 .

The operation is easily described: a coil on the ground as part of the charging station, or present potentially stop a traffic light, parking lots or shopping centers, connected to public electricity system, generates a magnetic field that induces electric current to a second coil installed on the bottom of the machine and far between eight and fifteen inches from the first. The result of this process is to charge the battery of the car, with an efficiency of 90%.

Starting in May, a prototype of the project with 3.6 kilowatts of power will be tested in a vehicle, and by June the first tests will be made ??real in the city of Berlin, financed by the German Environment Ministry.