Chevrolet Mi-ray Roadster Unveiled in Korea

Chevrolet Mi-ray Roadster Unveiled in Korea

GM in Korea has pulled the covers off the Chevrolet Mi-ray, a new and innovative roadster concept. The Chevrolet brand is currently being introduced across Korea. The Mi-ray was developed at the GM Advanced Design Studio in Seoul. The name of spectacularly-sport concept Chevrolet Mirey in tune with the Korean «mi-rey» or “future”.

The main emphasis is on the exterior carbon fiber body. Pinned to the ground nose with an aggressive “beard” spoiler and a front line of the hood below the wings wheels, bright and sharp bends on the case, short of food “written out” tail lights, door vrazlet and complex picture of the diode lighting in a circle – this is a roadster than fall in love a almost any buyer, especially a young spirit.

Quite spectacular looks and double cockpit Chevrolet Mirey Aircraft with the steering wheel instead of steering, high central tunnel and originally executed panels. It is assumed that the latter will be mounted several displays dealing with the mapping necessary to manage this model, information, and for all sorts of entertainment.

Almost complete lack of technical details clearly hints at the direction of the show concept. Theoretically, it is assumed that the front axle will drive the two 20-horsepower electric motor. Thanks to the dual clutch transmission power plant can operate in any of three modes: fully electric, with the classic internal combustion engine or a hybrid. For environmental progress on board a 1.6-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery, the autonomy which is not called.

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