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Dentsu Suwappu Augmented Reality Toys: First Look

Dentsu Suwappu Augmented Reality Toys First Look

While four of them – Badger, Deer, Fox and the Tuna. They are divided in half, have the individual abilities, their environment, facial expressions and spoken text clouds. When they will be on the market, they must become a new kind of TV.

As reported Boing Boing, on April 5, creative agency Dentsu London presented a range of interactive toys caled Suwappu, operating in the rich reality ( AR ). This means that initially lifeless figures come to life and work wonders on the screen of mobile phone induced on them (provided that the unit is installed the appropriate software).

Title Suwappu mean the same thing as the English word swap – change, exchange. With regard to toys Dentsu London this resulted in “an exchange of bodies: each character is divided exactly in half and the halves can form a new hybrid creature.

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