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Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Takes 25 hours to finish the main campaign

Deus Ex Human Revolution Takes 25 hours to finish the main campaign

The art director of Deus Ex: Human Revolution said it will take about 25 hours to finish the adventure, 35 if you want to quietly explore the game world. Completed work on the shooter’s role, now Eidos Montreal is focusing on Thief 4.

Eidos Montreal says that the main campaign of Deus Ex: Human Revolution will take about 25 hours. The development team of the new chapter in the historical shooter role, “he specified that this calculation refers to those who will venture headlong into the plot, without digressing into missions.

“A person like me will take about 35 hours to finish the game because I like to poke around, trying all the possibilities it offers me the environment and choose your time strategy game, “said the art director of Deus Ex, Jonathan Jacques-Bellet.

“In preliminary tests we have carried out the people who played for five days, from nine in the morning at five o’clock in the afternoon, and some have not even finished the adventure. Moreover, knowing that they have little time to complete the game, you are thrown headlong to find out the conclusion of the plot narrative. On the basis of these calculations can be derived that the duration of the game can easily exceed 35 hours. ”

For those who missed the first details on Deus Ex: Human Revolution, remember that it is a sci-fi action role-playing game, set in a future where humans can be enhanced by mechanical components. The protagonist, Adam Jensen, is one of those people that take advantage of this power and will have to discover a web of corruption and did try to find out what the surprises in store for her destiny.

While they complete work on Deus Ex, have now reached the conclusion, on the other focus efforts to continue the development of Thief 4. An internal reorganization of Eidos has in fact relocated the majority of the stations to the team that will work on fourth chapter of Thief.

“It’s their turn, the main production floor is occupied by them, we need less space now,” said Jacques-Bellet. “The two teams are completely separate, I have no role on this new game, but the art director is a dear friend and I am convinced that Thief 4 is in very good hands. For now can not tell you anything about the game, except that will be spectacular. ”

Currently Thief 4 was confirmed by Eidos Montreal, but was not revealed any details. To find the new information we have to wait ‘ E3, the frame where you will most likely take place the official presentation.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution will be released on August 23, 2011. Now you can pre-order it from Amazon here.

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