Ducati Monster 1100 EVO Unveiled

Ducati Monster 1100 EVO Unveiled

Like all species, the Monster 1100 is evolving and keep only the best in the race for the irresistible trend that began in 1993 with his appearance. The new Evo 1100 is no exception to the rule and is adorned with ABS as an anti-skid to contain the unprecedented power of its twin engine. The two valves passes milestone as symbolic excited by the 100 hp.

As a lava flow, the horde of red bikes down the slopes of the foothills of Mount Etna. It is in this setting where nature constantly reminds its superiority to the man that Ducati has presented “the ultimate evolution of the Monster 1100” as likes to say Pablo Quattrino, product manager of the firm of Bologna. This is actually the first machine of the mark to surpass the 100 horses in the family of L-twins, stuffed with two valves per cylinder and air cooled. An ancestral architecture that was thought doomed to extinction, given the very stringent anti-pollution standards. Did not count on the pugnacity of the engineers ‘home’.

Yet in passing the 1100 performance is not exceptional in terms of relative displacement power developed in the 696 (80 hp) that cube still under 400 cm 3. It seems that the 1100 still has some reservations on the elbow.

For the moment, and with its 100 horsepower, the engine seems perfectly suited to the French market, where an 1100 can be exchanged into “full” cons € 11.690, provided part of the list of 700 customers for as many units planned production in France. A nice budget that puts the customer in the range of 35/40 years, the main target of this new bike. The quadrants in the making, often fathers, are likely to be interested in new electronic crutches supposed to contain the power of the new twin. For the occasion, this variation of the popular technology of great price (for anti skating) has been called “safety-pack. It includes an ABS braking, an anti skating finesse which can be adjusted in four positions as well as other technology tumbled in the GP paddock: the dual rubber tires Pirelli Diablo Rosso II in the tread less tender the ends.

Motor road, the new 1100 Evo has so far not content. The sound of dual mufflers called Cannon style is the least attractive and returns immediately to the consequent displacement of the beast. The twin slam in a rumbling sound in tubes of 45 mm. A real volcano ready to wake up.

On the saddle stitched in red, the pilot then seeks his place. The cushion is just perched above on a 796, 810 mm against 800 mm, and bomb away with a very accessible perched 696 to 770 mm. To compensate for the raises, the handlebar was raised by 20 mm. But the position is tilted forward, the driver entered the highway and toward the front. Orders that fall under the hands are set as a sport.

With this development and the 100 horses passed, Ducati polishes the face of a flagship model appeared there just 18 years. Now, the brutality has been replaced by the power contained in a motorcycle that has never been usable and effective. And forgiving, thanks to its electronic crutches, many misjudgements, moments of inattention or simply the vagaries of the road. Without losing its sex appeal, the machine stands now in the race to compete with BMW’s very serious, effective for conveying the daily quadra eager to move on two wheels or without putting their lives at risk or their timing. With the new Monster, it is now possible to do so by sending an image much more sporty person. A real card.

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